Robert De Niro and the Caribbean

If there is one thing we learned throughout the years, it is that Robert De Niro is one of the most esteemed actors in all of Hollywood. As a multiple Golden Globe and Academy Award recipient, there is one thing that many do not know about Mr. De Niro… he’s an avid fan of the Caribbean. In fact, Robert De Niro, with the assistance of Australian Investor James Packer, has plans to build a $250-million, high-end luxury resort, off the coast of Antigua and Barbuda.

Robert De Niro and the Caribbean have not yet been in “paradise” with one-another. In fact, Paradise Found, as it will be known, has been a stalled project since November of 2014. In March of 2015, a meeting was held where the project was approved by islanders — by a vote of 206-175. Since then, protests have erupted and the project has stalled. Yet the government has assured citizens that construction will begin this year.

“The other issue is the level of concession given by the government to Robert De Niro and James Packer,” said Brenton Henry, director of news for the Observer Media Group, noting a 25-year tax holiday for the resort. Barbudans “believe apart from the creation of some jobs that the benefit to the island may not be so much because of the free waiver.”

The Barbuda People’s Movement has reportedly filed a lawsuit which could impact Robert De Niro and the Caribbean’s future plans. Despite the lawsuit, Bermuda’s Prime Minister stated that ‘the construction of the resort and a new runway would begin in 2016.’ The lawsuit remains pending and the outcome will be released by the court system shortly.