Pre-Shareholder Update

In just a few days, on July 22nd, Pure Hospitality Solutions will release a Shareholder Update, directly from the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Melvin Pereira. This update will cover a variety of topics, including, the progress Oveedia has made during the last 8-months; since launching. These past several months have proven to be invaluable for Oveedia and Pure Hospitality Solutions, with one of the most important turning points being the Company’s attendance at Expotur 2016.

Expotur 2016 was by far one of the greatest opportunities to be bestowed upon a young OTA; particularly one geared toward the Central American-Caribbean region. Since the event, the Company has secured the interest of nearly 300 properties and tours, with roughly 80 to 100+ unsolicited inquires streaming in weekly. All with an interest in listing with and being ‘Featured’ on Oveedia’s proprietary database.

The upcoming Shareholder Update will speak to Oveedia’s bookings, growing number of listed and featured properties and tour operators, the success of the Debt Reduction Program and what the Equity Swap really means for shareholders. The Company will speak to its endeavor to upgrade to the OTCQB, along with its newest and most substantial capital raise to date.

This upcoming Shareholder Update should assist all of those individuals still sitting on the fence, to go ahead, and plant themselves firmly on our lawn. If you are interested in receiving this, and other pertinent Company updates via email, please join our mailing list today!