Oveedia to Show As Wholesaler at Expotur 2016

Roughly 8 months ago, Pure Hospitality Solutions was accepted into CANATUR, the Camara Nacional de Turismo de Costa Rica, better known as the National Tourism Center of Costa Rica. With this budding relationship, Pure and Oveedia were given access to over 600 active hospitality CANATUR members; which ultimately leads to over 6,000 hospitality properties throughout Costa Rica. Amazing news for a Company, which at the time, had not yet launched its OTA platform. CANATUR set the Company off to a very good start.

Well today, Pure receives yet another pat on the back, with some more exciting news — Oveedia a wholesaler at Expotur 2016.

What this means is, Oveedia will be in attendance at Expotur 2016, in a big way. Unlike typical exhibitors at the conference, Oveedia is now classified as a wholesaler, joining the ranks of similar members attending the event, such as Expedia, Booking.com and The Priceline Group to name a few.

“When we joined CANATUR earlier this year, it was a defining moment for Pure and Oveedia,” stated Melvin Pereira, President & CEO of Pure Hospitality Solutions. “CANATUR only accepts organizations that are real, professional, and have Costa Rica’s best intentions at heart – something that Oveedia has pledged from day one. However, this upcoming year, with Oveedia a wholesaler at Expotur 2016, means so much more for our OTA, than we could have ever wished for. We are now officially a wholesaler – one of the most desired attendee designations at the event, sitting next to OTA giants Expedia, Booking.com, The Priceline Group and others. The biggest difference for us – as the region specific OTA of Central America and the Caribbean, smaller mom-and-pop properties in this area will flock to our service offering, rather than one of the giants that focus globally and do not have the same regional expertise that we do.”

The fact is, even the ‘giants’ will have to take serious note of Oveedia, as it may very well become their next acquisition target.

With Oveedia a wholesaler at Expotur 2016, management believes that hitting the goal of 8,000 affiliate properties by year-end 2016, could be achieved much earlier with this participation; not to mention that there are other conventions Oveedia will exhibit at next year.

Pereira concluded, “Our showing at Expotur 2016 has been finalized and we have been accepted into the conference as a wholesaler. I will be there, with members of my U.S. advisory team, making sure we talk with everyone who is in attendance. Following this conference, we will ensure that Oveedia becomes a household name in all of Central America and the Caribbean.”