Oveedia Front Page of CANATUR

This past week, Oveedia was featured on the front page of CANATUR, the Camara Nacional de Turismo de Costa Rica. Better known as the National Tourism Center of Costa Rica, CANATUR has chosen to feature Oveedia on the front page of their website.

“First… this was a completely unsolicited product placement ad,” stated Melvin Pereira, President & CEO of Pure Hospitality Solutions. “As an organization that only accepts real Costa Rican businesses that have the country’s best interest at heart, we are thrilled to be one of the featured businesses on CANATUR’s homepage. On the heels of receiving our wholesaler designation at Expotur 2016, things seem to be shaping up even better than we could have ever wished. Oveedia’s front page listing on CANATUR’s website, just shows how close we are to truly becoming the travel hub for all of Central America and the Caribbean.”

With Oveedia’s formal acceptance into CANATUR, the Company has direct access to over 600 group members and over 6,000 hospitality properties located throughout Costa Rica. This number just applies to members and entities throughout Costa Rica.  Oveedia is already in the process of joining additional tourism chambers in other Central America / Caribbean countries as well.

Pereira concluded, “Aside from Oveedia’s front page designation by CANATUR, we anxiously await Expotur 2016, when we will be seated next to industry powerhouses, including Expedia, Booking.com, and the Priceline Group to name a few. As I see it, we have a few months to better position ourselves as a first mover throughout the region. I fully expect the representatives from these powerhouse OTA’s to know our name going into the event. We also expect to soon become an acquisition target for these very same companies.  But first…, we have much more work to get done.