Jetblue Social Experiment Unanimously chooses Costa Rica

Reach Across The Aisle Validates Oveedia

We find it to be quite a spectacular occurrence, that when a random social experiment called “Reach Across the Aisle”, organized by one of the nation’s most prized airlines, resulted in 150 people unanimously deciding that of all the places they could travel to, they chose to fly to Costa Rica.

And why not? Costa Rica has the best weather, nature, oceans, beaches, wildlife, restaurants, hotels and overall hospitality. It is a place where one can find adventure in almost any corner of the country.

But seriously… did you wake up today thinking that you may want to come to Costa Rica… or anywhere in Central America for that matter? Well most likely, neither did any of the 150 strangers on this JetBlue flight. But when push came to shove, and they had to Reach Across the Aisle, they chose the birthplace of Oveedia (

Why does this matter? Not because our fearless leader Melvin Pereira is a native Costa Rican.

Well… maybe that helps just a little bit!

But really. It’s because people are quickly discovering what Pure has always known. Costa Rica, and the gems of Central America, have not yet been fully discovered and explored by tourists. However, with the real-estate building boom, influx of U.S. businesses and easing of the Cuba embargo – just a few impactful socio-economic developments – there is a big appetite for travel to this region. The question is… who’s booking?

Sure, the major online travel companies may have the ability to access a few of the more well-known hospitality establishments throughout this region, but we’re talking about the tens of thousands of hotels and other lodging locations, that are not represented by the Priceline’s and Expedia’s of the world. And why should they? Up until recently, who really cared?

Pure Hospitality Solutions does, that’s who!  And we did what any other intelligent group of entrepreneurs would do. We identified a problem, proposed a viable solution, prepared, and waited to seize the most opportune moment.

We believe we have a ‘first mover advantage’. Face it. It’s a pretty uncanny coincidence that the year we launch Oveedia, international relations with Cuba has shifted and the world sees real value in Central America.

Mr. Pereira said in a recent press release, “It nearly brought tears to my eyes to watch 150 strangers on a JetBlue airplane, reach a consensus, that of all the destinations JetBlue flies to, Costa Rica was ultimately the unanimous decision.”

Think about that? What are the chances? What are the odds that you there… reading this blog… is likely a shareholder of Pure Hospitality Solutions, Inc. (PNOW) … at a time when JetBlue, unknowingly, validates what we already knew, through their Reach Across the Aisle experiment?

Latin American online travel is estimated to be a $34 Billion market place. But we don’t concern ourselves with that. We only concern ourselves with Oveedia being the premier online travel agency servicing the currently underserved, but apparent region of supreme interest, Central America and the Latin countries of the Caribbean.

What Melvin Pereira cares most about, is that Pure and Oveedia are at the top of their game, providing an elite online travel service. We’ll let whoever acquires us, worry about “market share”.

Visit, learn, book and grow with We look forward to Booking your stay in Central America.

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