Internet Distribution Systems (IDS) – The Technology that Makes it Happen

IDS (Internet Distribution Systems) enables any of us with access to the World Wide Web, the ability to become their own travel agent. Over the years, millions of reservations for air, lodging, and auto have been made and paid for by you, the consumer, via GDS and the IDS channels.

The Internet Distribution Systems or IDS works in conjunction with Global Distribution Systems to complete the necessary routing via thresholds, to creating that dream vacation or business trip. IDS is a conglomerate of over 2000 reservation, travel and online booking sites. These sites are designed to drive traffic via a very unique form of internet marketing (to be discussed at a later time). These 2000 sites are much like channels on a television. The more sites you visit, the more recognition you get, the more hits you get.

The technology of IDS lets you, the consumer, build complete itineraries, combining all facets of the travel and hospitality industry. Consumers have the opportunity to shop and compare establishments and amenities, and lock in lower rates. The business owner collects prepaid revenue to reduce skips or no shows. A win-win for all sides in the industry (Last minute deals can be very lucrative).

So, why is it important to be visible via the Internet Distribution System?

Simple.  The more Internet distribution channels you are on, the more likely you are to be booked. The advantages include the following:

  • Visibility on the Internet to Anyone, Anytime and Anywhere, 24/7
  • Seamless connectivity to thousands of travel websites with inventory availability
  • Offers presented to the consumer in 21 major languages
  • Increase ROI and revenue by direct sales to travelers
  • Ability to change rates quickly based on demand
  • Reduce “No-Shows” by guaranteed reservations
  • Receive payment instantly
  • Reduce support staff who has to build TA relations
  • Decrease administration costs
  • Manage “last minute” bookings effectively
  • Maximize occupancy, ADR and Revenue
  • Establish pricing strategy for each unit
  • Capture reviews and important marketing statistics

It seems almost unimaginable to think of how we used to go on a holiday or travel on business without the internet. Technology has taken us beyond what we could have ever believed was possible 30 years ago. What if this is only the beginning of something much bigger?

Well, just take a look at PURE as its new online hospitality booking engine platform is poised to be the dominant tool throughout the Central American- Caribbean region.