(Off-line 2013, Re-Launch ETA as Oveedia, 2nd QT 2015)

FROL Highlights

When your company implements FROL within its administrative tools, it will get:

• On-Line inventory confirmation and Credit Card Processing
• On-Line Seasonal promotions management tool
• Simple and fast implementation
• No hidden charges or fees
• Only a per successful-transaction percentage fee is charged
• High end security encrypted transactions for full personal information protection

The administrative and management tools for the backend user include:

• Unsuccessful reservation requests with its reason. For example, lack of inventory, credit card failure, etc.
• Successful reservation report
• Statistical reports such as pre-arrival reservation, origin and other services
• Time spent on the website and pages visited before booking
• Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly sales report, average stay, etc.

What is FROL?
FROL stands for Friendly Reservations On-Line. FROL is a safe and secure on-line booking and payment system designed for the small and medium business within the tourism industry.
Customers as well as the company’s administrative staff will find the on-line platform to be very simple to use and to require a minimum amount of time in training.

• Why only small or medium businesses?
Very simple, large companies such as international hotel chains and airlines can afford to buy or develop their own payment and booking tool while the small and medium size business owner cannot afford such an investment.
The market does offer alternative options for the small and medium size business owner but at very high affiliation costs as well as installation fees, annual fees, hidden fees and even membership cancellation fees.

Who developed FROL?
FROL was developed by Oriens Travel and Hotel Management (OTHM), a company dedicated in organizing the fragmented mid/lower end hotel accommodation sector in the developing countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, and China as well as the Caribbean countries.
Currently, OTHM has a high-tech specialized developing team working out of Costa Rica that is able to customize FROL to each company’s exclusive needs as well as provide immediate technical support.

How will FROL benefit my company?
FROL will boost your website’s sales capacity by turning your company’s website from a digital brochure to a worldwide virtual sales point.

What is the cost for installing FROL?
There is NO installation cost or implementation cost. Your company will only pay a small fee for each successful sales transaction.

What are the requirements to install FROL?
To successfully install FROL you will need:

• A domain name with its active website
• OTHM will require your website’s access information for installing FROL
• A signed contract between OTHM and your company
• An active bank account for wire transfers
• Cancellation policies and rules clearly stated on your website

Is FROL safe for my customers as well as my company?
Yes. FROL is an extremely safe tool that works with a 256 byte encryption. Your customer’s personal information is completely safe guarded in every transaction. As soon as the transaction is completed and funds are deposited, we will immediately transfer the funds to the designated bank account.

What companies can use FROL?
FROL is compatible with all companies. Companies must provide at least a legal constitution, valid commercial permits and good standing references. The company must also have a valid bank account with a commercial bank.

How long will it take to install FROL?
FROL will be fully installed and operational within 2 weeks (as soon as the company’s website is fully operational).

What if I don’t have a website?
OTHM may help you create a customized website in English and Spanish for a competitive rate.