The Expotur Schedule Conundrum

With just about 3 weeks remaining until the highly anticipated Expotur event, we find ourselves approaching a scheduling conundrum. Expotur’s software allows for only 32 bookings during the duration of the event. As we continue to carve a significant niche in Central America and the Spanish speaking areas of the Caribbean, we find ourselves with about a dozen additional companies hoping to affiliate with our services. While the Expotur booking software is telling these companies that we have no time to meet with them, we have made arrangements to be able to meet with everyone who wants to speak with us, and more!

But How?

As a previous attendee of this event, Mr. Melvin Pereira knows just how valuable each and every one of these meetings are. As such, he is bringing two U.S. Delegates, to ensure that while one group is being met with, the other representative is able to meet with others. “While I meet with group one in room A, my associates will be meeting with group two in room B,” commented Pereira. “I want all of our potential partners at Expotur to know, that if you want to meet with us, we will make the time to meet with each and every one of you. Whether it is with me, or one of my two Delegates, by the end of the meeting, you will have a complete understanding of Oveedia, as well as our mission for growth in this region of the world.”

Management has indicated that the Company and its representatives continue to prepare for the event, putting together informational packages and presentations for other vendors. Pereira concluded, “Our mission remains steadfast; we plan to leave Expotur with Oveedia becoming a household name, for anyone looking for travel accommodations throughout Central America and the Caribbean.”