We’ve touched on many areas of Costa Rica including tourism, agriculture, community, etc. But what we haven’t discussed, where does Costa Rica get all its Dam power?

Historically speaking, Costa Rica has received 95 percent of its electricity needs from renewable sources. But in recent years, the country has had to increase thermal generation using fossil fuels. Currently 88 percent of the electricity in the country comes from clean sources, according to the Government.

This brings us to the newest addition in Costa Rica; Central America’s largest hydroelectric Dam, nearly completed, and expected to supply the region with an abundance of electricity. The project began in 2010 and is nearing completion of a 130-meter high structure that contains 9 million cubic meters of material and will handle up to 118 MILLION cubic meters of water from the Reventazón River.

“We are nearing the end of intense work that lasted almost five years and provided social and environmental compensation, employment and economic support to the Caribbean region,” Obregón said during a ceremony. “Reventazón will bring clean energy to the national electrical system that will be key for the country’s development.”

So, as if we needed to provide any additional reasons to visit Costa Rica or reasons why tourism to the area is expected to spike, we now have the largest infrastructure in the region assisting.