New Airport New Adventure

Generally, when a new airport opens, new adventure is birthed into an area that had either no, or limited travel options. An area which may have been unexplored or uninhabited, now allows its beauty to be discovered, thanks to modern transportation.

This is no different for Nicaragua’s newest airport, the Costa Esmeralda Airport, beginning operations this November (2015). The single terminal airport consists of a 5,000 foot runway and is able to accommodate international private jets, commercial flights and the majority of turboprop planes.

This new airport new adventure is a part of a multi-million dollar project, headed by the Nicaraguan government and entrepreneur/philanthropist Don Carlos Pellas, owner of the Pellas Development Group. Recent projects of Pellas include the Guacalito de la Isla, a $250 million, 1,670- acre private beach community, on Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast. The Costa Esmeralda Airport is located only 5 miles north of the Guacalito de la Isla, allowing an easy commute for an incredible experience.

“The arrival of Costa Esmeralda Airport will introduce the country to a global audience seeking new adventures and serve as a direct route to our majestic coast,” said Don Carlos Pellas, owner, Pellas Development Group, “It will reduce transfer time from Managua and Costa Rica, supporting Nicaragua’s flourishing tourism, which is essential to the country’s development.”

For Oveedia, a new airport new adventure means more travel to the region, not to mention an added airport on the dual-database platform. Travelers will now have a more direct route from Costa Rica and Managua, to stay at one of the many properties located throughout Nicaragua and Oveedia has a ‘first mover advantage’ to offer hoteliers a place to list and market their properties to a global audience searching for a place to stay.

With the Latin American online travel market growing into a $34 Billion industry by 2016, the emergence of a new airport mimics the growth expected in the Central America / Caribbean region.