Oveedia will Implement Comodo Security to help protect Booking

As Oveedia readies the activation of the booking engine, the Company is aligning with Comodo SSL, for the site’s security and customer transaction safety.

The industry leader, Oveedia will implement Comodo security because it is the most trusted provider of certificate authority solutions and has a 37.2% global market share. By utilizing Comodo SSL, Oveedia will now have the highest encryption levels possible for every online booking transaction made on the database. Each certificate (which accompanies every transaction) comes with 2048 bit signatures and provides 256 bit encryption of customer data.

We decided that Oveedia will implement Comodo security, to ensure that every transaction completed has the most secure protocols available,

stated Melvin Pereira, President & CEO of Pure Hospitality Solutions.

The only way to truly become the tourism hub for all of Central America and the Caribbean, is to provide the best service along with the best security possible. We are quickly propelling on the service side, so it was only natural to implement security measures such as these, to ensure only the best safety for our customers.

Another important factor lending to why Oveedia will implement Comodo security, is the 99.9% browser coverage afforded with the relationship. Comodo SSL certificates are embedded in every major browser and on every major device. This means that Oveedia will now be accepted as a secure site on nearly every browser that is available on the market. Whether booking an itinerary on a windows device, a mac, an iPhone or even a blackberry or Android, Oveedia’s database will be accessible and secure.

On the heels of Oveedia booking its first reservation, during simultaneous alpha and beta testing, the implementation of Comodo SSL brings the booking feature that much closer to public release and global utilization, once the license is obtained.