Already 150000 Users Without A Booking Feature

Appropriately so, we decided to launch the Oveedia beta without its Booking feature enabled, to ensure the integrity and stability of the platform. Interestingly enough, while the vast majority of users have embraced this strategy – assisting us with the shaping process – just a hand full of rotten apples have cried ‘foul ball.’

Well luckily, the United States of America is arguably one of the greatest places on earth to live… next to Costa Rica of course 😉  This meaning, that every person commenting on Oveedia’s beta launch, possesses the freedom to express themselves as gracefully as they can muster. But true grace comes from confidence. Confidence from experience. Experience from knowledge. And knowledge from education.

So allow us to give you a quick education.

Viajala (, a Colombian travel site, is primarily focused in Peru. A $570 Million market [2016 estimate], alone gives Viajala legs to stand on as it develops operations in Colombia, Chile and Mexico.  However, what’s most interesting about Viajala, is that within just eight (8) months of operations in Peru, as reported by the Latin American Herald Tribune, the company acquired 150,000 users with NO Booking engine. That’s right! Viajala does not offer any direct booking feature on its site particularly within that very same $560 Million Peruvian market where the OTA acquired 150,000 users with NO Booking engine.

Odd?  Not if you understand OTA’s, GDS’s and the “Billboard Effect.”

As noted by the Director of Industry Relations at Expedia, the Billboard Effect is the increased exposure a hotel receives because they’re listed on a 3rd party travel channel. This listing not only has promotional benefits, but importantly, results in a lift in reservations through the hotel’s own distribution channels, including its own website. The value is really more than the booking itself as research shows that even a traveler who never books on an OTA, and always at the hotel brand directly, will still begin their research on an OTA like Expedia [or Viajala… even for that matter].

The Bottom line is, Expedia invested $270 Million in Delcoar – a minority stake in the Argentinean OTA…  and Priceline, a $60 Million piece of Brazil’s Hotel Urbano. Was this done for the “booking feature”?  No friends. The value is in the search and the Billboard Effect created by the search. This is why Viajala will soon see many suiters, offering them millions of dollars, simply because they acquired 150,000 users with NO Booking engine.  Oveedia, at the end of the day, will have a Booking Engine feature, making it the ultimate benefactor of companies like Viajala, Delcoar and Hotel Urbano; thanks to the Billboard Effect

Those that truly understood the beta launch sequence of Oveedia, are supremely happy that we began with our focus being on the Search Engine feature. Anything done to the contrary, would have been evidence of a supreme lack of knowledge.

But as you all can see, Mr. Melvin Pereira is extremely experienced. Therefore PURE’s management is very confident with the beta launch. Which in turns, gives Oveedia an absolute and unquestionable grace.