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About Pure Hospitality Solutions, Inc.

Pure Hospitality Solutions (“PURE”), has developed one of the first online travel agencies (OTAs), to be focused primarily on the most underserved region of Latin America’s explosive $88 Billion travel market – Central America and the Latin countries of the Caribbean. With upwards of 20,000+ hotels, condominiums, resorts and other vacation properties within the Central American-Caribbean region, not accounted for on most major OTAs [Expedia, Priceline], PURE’s technological and socially innovative OTA, gives the Company access to the $34 Billion online travel segment of Latin America (LATAM) – Oveedia.com.

Oveedia, the Central American-Caribbean travel hub, is a part of Sabre’s $7 Billion Travel Network family. This relationship with Sabre gives Oveedia the ability to offer travelers over 125,000 hotels, 400 airlines, 16 cruise lines and 25 car rental selections. The primary source of PURE’s potential, stems from its dual-database service offering. This platform gives Oveedia the ability to offer a wider variety of travel options, through a seamlessly integrated search of internal and third-party inventory, without loss of exclusivity from direct listings.

By using Oveedia’s proprietary search and booking engine, lesser known properties throughout the Central American-Caribbean region, can be ensured higher occupancy rates and global branding opportunities.

Major online search and reservation sites and their subsidiaries, generally charge about 25% of the total reservation amount – with the exception of Booking.com (12.5%). These OTAs are essentially third party travel websites offering virtual billboards to hospitality properties, looking to market themselves to online travel shoppers. Due to a high volume of traffic and a limited number of billboards, these OTAs are in a position to command higher commission rates.

Having a ‘first mover advantage’ however, Oveedia is positioned to secure listings throughout Central America and the Latin countries of the Caribbean, which other OTA’s (large or small), operating outside of this specific region, currently have limited access to.  While this almost exclusive regional access gives PURE the ability to charge upwards of 30% of the total reservation amount, to secure and maintain an early competitive advantage within the Central American-Caribbean region, the cost of Oveedia’s online hospitality reservation service is approximately 8% of the reservation amount.

The Company began securing listings prior to its beta launch, with some exclusive listings moving away from other sites, such as Airbnb. Having launched Oveedia Beta on October 9th, 2015, the Company continually attracts and secures new listings from within the Central American-Caribbean region. PURE expects Oveedia to expand its proprietary database of Central American-Caribbean travel properties to 300+ properties by year-end. Growth estimates continue to approximately 8,000 properties within 2016 and over 30,000 properties and other travel companies by 2017 (year-end).

With the easing of Cuban relations, building of new airports in Nicaragua, and sudden spurts of increased interest in Central American tourism, PURE sees Oveedia.com as a leader within the online travel market, in the Central American-Caribbean region of Latin America.

Melvin Pereira  – President & CEO