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PURE Announces Retooled Booking Software

PURE Announces Retooled Booking Software: 2015 Launch, Slated to Be Industry Regional Leader Pure Hospitality Solutions, Inc., (PNOW) announced today that the Company nears completion of its re-tooled FROL (Friendly Reservation Online) technology; a more robust and powerful system than the beta version tested on U.S. based hotels. “The original FROL software was tested by […]

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OTHM Shareholders Change is Here

OTHM Shareholders Change is Here

OTHM Shareholders Change is Here Hola Shareholders of OTHM, Take it or leave it, change has finally come. My name is Melvin Pereira. I am the Principal of E-Network de Costa Rica M & A Sociedad Anomima (aka E-Net), and now, I am the elected President & Chief Operating Officer of Oriens Travel & Hotel […]

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GDS – Global Distribution System – The Evolution

Many of you will remember purchasing an airline ticket at the airport, receiving a portfolio of sorts with your travel itinerary.  That task was completed by way of GDS. The original Global Distribution Systems started with the airline industry.  A true universal computerized booking network using a single point of access for making reservations; This […]

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Carara Toucan

Another PURE Asset

We at Team Pure would like to introduce yet another asset in the PURE portfolio. Exclusive property located inside the Nativa Resort. Situated in the Central Pacific Region of Costa Rica, and only 45 minutes from San José; it is the closest beach resort from the capital city. Nativa is considered to be a premier […]

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PNOW We have our New Ticker Symbol

From OTHM, to OTHMD, to PNOW!  We have our New Ticker Symbol The first phase of the transformation is complete!  The old Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp. ticker symbol (OTHM) has officially changed to PNOW; representing a new, robust and sexy Company – PURE Hospitality Solutions, Inc.! Make sure to follow us on: Pure Hospitality […]

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Google – Year in Search 2014

Google Search 2014 In 2014 we searched trillions of times. What do these searches say about us? Explore the Year in Search Google 2014 and follow the conversation on #YearInSearch