Pure Hospitality Solutions, Inc.

Through our Oveedia brand, we operate an Online Travel Agency focused on Central America and the Latin countries of the Caribbean.
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About Pure Hospitality Solutions

Pure Hospitality Solutions, Inc. (PNOW) is a publicly traded company primarily focused on online travel solutions in Latin America; specifically, Central America and Latin countries in the Caribbean.


Our flagship product Oveedia.com is the first Online Travel Agency (OTA) focused primarily on the underserved region of Central American and Latin countries in the Caribbean.

Meso Numismatics

Meso Numismatics is quickly becoming the central hub for rare, exquisite and valuable Central American / Caribbean numismatics pieces. Meso participates with a number of organizations to clean and certify each item.


PNOW share structure, filings, stock chart and any other materials investors need for their due diligence.

Media Room

Our latest press, posts, and papers giving you a clearer view of our vision and progress.

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