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Pure’s Adjustments Briefly Postpone Filing

Pure’s Major Corporate Adjustments Briefly Postpones Filing ( PNOW OTC Markets Filing ) Las Vegas, April 16th, 2015, Pure Hospitality Solutions, Inc., (OTC: PNOW) announced today, that the Company has made major corporate adjustments that briefly postponed its year-end filings. “In directing our attention to the 2015/2016 $30 plus billion dollar Latin American online travel market,

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Social Media Revolution

The Social Media Revolution

The Social Media Revolution Has Become Picture Perfect The Term ‘Digital Age’ has taken on an entirely new meaning. Phrases like ‘selfie’ and ‘Let Me Take a Selfie’ are not only song lyrics, but used on an almost daily basis. There is even a ‘selfie stick’; developed, marketed as a nifty tool for solo photographers

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Oveedia and Social Media

Oveedia and Social Media

Oveedia and Social Media – Connecting the Dots Social Media seems to be peaking as of late, with over 1.5 billion active users on Facebook; roughly the total number of people living in all of China. The only thing is; it’s not peaking nor plateauing, that which is social media is only growing, year over

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Oveedia Formally Accepted into CANATUR

Oveedia Formally Accepted Late last week, Pure Hospitality received some very exciting news, Pure’s formal acceptance into CANATUR. On April 8th, the Company announced the commencement of their relationship with the National Tourism Center of Costa Rica. CANATUR, Camara Nacional de Turismo de Costa Rica [translated: National Tourism Center of Costa Rica], better known as

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Handshake Seen Around the World

The Handshake Seen Around the World

The Handshake Seen Around the World Every day, business deals are consummated via a shake of the hand. A vertical, up and down movement, signifying the start of a business relationship, endeavor or transaction. But this handshake seen around the world is different than all others we’ve experienced in the past. The world watched as

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Leonard DiCaprio invests in Central America

Leonardo DiCaprio Invests In Central America

It has been in the news recently that Leonardo DiCaprio invests in Central America, by means of building an ecologically friendly resort that the actor is constructing in Belize. Known by many as an environmental activist, DiCaprio announced plans this week to build a multimillion dollar, eco-tourism resort, just off the coast of Belize. Blackadore