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Pure retains Softon to Accelerate photo share software

Las Vegas, March 25, 2015, Pure Hospitality Solutions, Inc., (OTC: PNOW) announced today, that the Company has retained Softon ITG, to accelerate completion of the Photo Share Software anticipated to be released with this year’s initial rollout of Oveedia. Softon ITG will be part of the team responsible for upgrading and integrating the spotting photo share

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Tech Bubble

Another Tech Bubble ?? Not For Us !

According to tech mogul and basketball aficionado, Mark Cuban, the tech bubble we are entering today is far worse than that of the early 2000s. Reasons including low liquidity, crowdfunding, and SEC intervention are all reasons Mr. Cuban attributes this reasoning to. While we tend to agree with Mr. Cuban on the overall tech market,

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Oveedia and Social Media

Oveedia and Social Media

Oveedia and Social Media – Connecting the Dots Social Media seems to be peaking as of late, with over 1.5 billion active users on Facebook; roughly the total number of people living in all of China. The only thing is; it’s not peaking nor plateauing, that which is social media is only growing, year over

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Oveedia OTA

Mobile Oveedia OTA Integration

The Next Travel Boom In a world full of evolving smart phones and tablet devices, the travel and accommodation market is seeing a large surge in the usage of mobile and tablet-based OTA Booking Platforms. As crucial as it was for a hotel property or booking engine to have an online presence, a website no

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Oveedia is The Next Generation OTA

Oveedia is The Next Generation OTA

Oveedia is The Next Generation OTA for the Next Generation Hotel The term ‘cookie cutter hotel’ has been tossed around recently, with the rise of millennial and younger aged travelers. These ‘generic’ hotels are still perfectly suitable for baby boomers and mature travelers, but the younger generation is seeking more out of their stay. Hotels

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Nicaragua Canal

The Nicaragua Canal

Move over Panama, There’s a MUCH BIGGER fish in the Canal For about 100 years, the Panama Canal has been a staple for transporting goods around the world, through the Caribbean and Central America. It has gone through minor expansions during the century, but overall has remained an adequate mode of transportation for cargo, freight,