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PURE To Grow Media Network

PURE To Grow Media Network by 1.5 Million with Leonardo Worldwide

Softon ITG Nears Oveedia’s Completion LAS VEGAS, July. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Pure Hospitality Solutions, Inc., (OTC: PNOW) announced today, that the Company will follow TravelPASS Group’s lead, electing to align its Central American-Caribbean travel hub with the most extensive visual media syndication network in the world, Leonardo Worldwide Corporation (Leonardo), ensuring extensive digital marketing

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Is everyone as wise as you and can see this

Is everyone as wise as you and can see this ?

After receiving several shareholder correspondences regarding the price of PNOW’s stock, the Company would like to issue an update to the investment and shareholder community. The fact of the matter is, the share price unfortunately in no way reflects the current progress of Pure Hospitality Solutions. Does this concern us? No. However, are we bothered

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Share Structure Inquiries

Share Structure Inquiries

Pure Responds to Investors Share Structure Inquiries As of the past few days, we have received a handful of shareholder inquiries, regarding Pure’s outstanding and authorized share count. While it is no secret, the Company’s authorized and outstanding share count has risen as of late. The reason this is no secret, is because as we

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Tango Mar Packages

Oveedia Add Exclusive Tango Mar Packages

PURE Hospitality Solutions and Oveedia Add Exclusive Tango Mar Packages LAS VEGAS, NV / June 18, 2015 / PRBuzz / Pure Hospitality Solutions, Inc., (OTC: PNOW), announced today, that the Company’s OTA Oveedia, has setup exclusive packages with its inaugural property, the Tango Mar Hotel. The promotional packages have already been created and are being

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PNOW Annual Report

PNOW Annual Report – Dec 31, 2014 Year End

PNOW Annual Report PNOW Annual Report – Dec 31, 2014 Year End Perseverance is the hard work yo do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did. PURE Files 2014 Year End Disclosures with OTC Markets. This Company is taking huge, progressive steps. As PURE files 2014 year end disclosures with

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Change of the Century

The Change of the Century

The United States and Cuba Officially Reopening Embassies Today marks the change of the century, as the United States and Cuba officially reopen Embassies in each others capitals. It was announced today that an official deal has been reached, where the two countries have officially re-established diplomatic relations with one another. It has been nearly