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Pure Hospitality Adds Samasati Resort

Pure Hospitality Adds Samasati Resort

Pure Hospitality Adds Samasati Resort to Oveedia Database LAS VEGAS, August. 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Pure Hospitality Solutions, Inc., (OTC: PNOW) announced today, that the Samasati Retreat & Rainforest Sanctuary, Costa Rica’s first Eco Retreat Bio Reserve and Yoga Center, has been added to the Oveedia database. The addition of Samasati to the Oveedia database

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Is everyone as wise as you and can see this

Is everyone as wise as you and can see this ?

After receiving several shareholder correspondences regarding the price of PNOW’s stock, the Company would like to issue an update to the investment and shareholder community. The fact of the matter is, the share price unfortunately in no way reflects the current progress of Pure Hospitality Solutions. Does this concern us? No. However, are we bothered

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PNOW Lock-Up

The PNOW Lock-Up

The PNOW Lock-Up A Lock-Up has been put in place to stop future sales of the largest debtholder´s convertible note to third party investors Why? To stave off dilution stemming from that particular convertible debt To give shareholders a chance to benefit from Oveedia’s upcoming launch and the future success of the company! How does a ‘Lock-Up’ help accomplish this? The ‘lock-up’ ties

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Oveedia with Industry Leaders

Pure Hospitality Aligns Oveedia with Industry Leaders

For the past several months, Pure Hospitality has released information regarding some of the synergies that have been created to build, develop and launch Oveedia’s OTA platform. These industry powerhouses were all specifically chosen by Pure’s CEO, Mr. Melvin Periera, as organizations which will assist Oveedia in becoming the OTA of choice, for all of

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Complete Quarterly Filings

Pure to Complete Quarterly Filings

Pure to Complete Quarterly Filings With Additional $1 Million Dollar Interest Debt Reduction With PURE soon to complete quarterly filings to remain current with the OTC Markets, management indicates that there was a brief postponement due to the Company retiring another $1 Million in interest from the legacy debt – along with the lock-up of

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Change of the Century

The Change of the Century

The United States and Cuba Officially Reopening Embassies Today marks the change of the century, as the United States and Cuba officially reopen Embassies in each others capitals. It was announced today that an official deal has been reached, where the two countries have officially re-established diplomatic relations with one another. It has been nearly