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Funding Campaign for Oveedia

PURE Hospitality Solutions Launches Non-Toxic Funding Campaign for Oveedia Las Vegas, January 20, 2015, Pure Hospitality Solutions, Inc., (OTC: PNOW) announced today, that the Company has launched a non-toxic funding campaign, to raise additional capital for Central American-Caribbean’s online travel hub, Oveedia. “I have quickly come to find there are little to no friendly public […]

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Entropy of Oriens

The Entropy of Oriens

The Entropy of Oriens (Order Out of Chaos) – PART II Good Morning & Happy New Year to the Shareholders of PURE Hospitality Solutions! It is with great humility that I sincerely thank those investors, shareholders, and supporters who have gone to great lengths, lending an unwavering and unprecedented amount of assistance with the restructuring and […]

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Gateway of the Caribbean

Welcome to the Gateway of the Caribbean

Welcome to the Gateway of the Caribbean For the first time in over 50 years, the United States is in the process of lifting travel bans to Cuba. Many experts predict a plethora of tourists will flood this Island Country. With the recent meetings of President Barack Obama and Cuban’s President Raul Castro, it appears […]

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Internet Distribution Systems

Internet Distribution Systems

Internet Distribution Systems (IDS) – The Technology that Makes it Happen IDS (Internet Distribution Systems) enables any of us with access to the World Wide Web, the ability to become their own travel agent. Over the years, millions of reservations for air, lodging, and auto have been made and paid for by you, the consumer, […]

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PNOW We have our New Ticker Symbol

From OTHM, to OTHMD, to PNOW!  We have our New Ticker Symbol The first phase of the transformation is complete!  The old Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp. ticker symbol (OTHM) has officially changed to PNOW; representing a new, robust and sexy Company – PURE Hospitality Solutions, Inc.! Make sure to follow us on: Pure Hospitality […]

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Nicaragua Canal

The Nicaragua Canal

Move over Panama, There’s a MUCH BIGGER fish in the Canal For about 100 years, the Panama Canal has been a staple for transporting goods around the world, through the Caribbean and Central America. It has gone through minor expansions during the century, but overall has remained an adequate mode of transportation for cargo, freight, […]