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PURE’s 3rd Quarter Filing Shows Promise of Increased Positive Value

PURE’S 3RD QUARTER FILING SHOWS PROMISE OF INCREASED POSITIVE VALUE: REVENUE AND HARD ASSETS PROVE TRUE Las Vegas, November 25th, 2014, Pure Hospitality Solutions, Inc., (OTC: OTHMD), formally known as Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp following the merger/acquisition of E-Network de Costa Rica SA (“E-Net”), announced today, that after reflecting on yesterday’s filing of […]

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OTHM Shareholders Change is Here

OTHM Shareholders Change is Here

OTHM Shareholders Change is Here Hola Shareholders of OTHM, Take it or leave it, change has finally come. My name is Melvin Pereira. I am the Principal of E-Network de Costa Rica M & A Sociedad Anomima (aka E-Net), and now, I am the elected President & Chief Operating Officer of Oriens Travel & Hotel […]

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What’s Next… An Increase In Equity Value?

What’s Next… An Increase In Equity Value? A Rights Offering Perhaps! Pure Hospitality Solutions Completes Reverse!  So…, What’s Next? Well… since the successful merger of E-Networks de Costa Rica SA (“E-Net”), Oriens’, now PURE Hospitality Solutions, Inc. (“PURE”), proudly announced that the Company completed a reverse split on Wednesday November 12, 2014, as part of […]

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Carara Toucan

Another PURE Asset

We at Team Pure would like to introduce yet another asset in the PURE portfolio. Exclusive property located inside the Nativa Resort. Situated in the Central Pacific Region of Costa Rica, and only 45 minutes from San José; it is the closest beach resort from the capital city. Nativa is considered to be a premier […]

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TripAdvisor launches Exceptional Service Awards

TripAdvisor travelers are nominating stellar hospitality professionals, with winners announced later this year. Someone on your staff could soon be the recipient of an Exceptional Service Award! This inaugural TripAdvisor Service Awards campaign is another way to recognize and honor how dedicated properties are to providing remarkable service. After all, a recent survey of our […]

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reit growing sector

REIT or Wrong, It’s a Growing Sector

Real Estate Investment Trusts, aka REIT’S, as an industry, have grown substantially over the last twenty years. The tax laws governing a REIT are rather generous; that in itself maybe the leading factor to the overall growth. Or maybe it was that real estate bubble that lasted for decades. Either way, REIT’s have skyrocketed over […]